Another event…another evening of driving dilemmas.  At 7:30 p.m. on a full moonlit Friday night, we headed south on Biscayne Blvd.  Congestion was heavy.  The usual 7 minute drive from NE Miami to Downtown was taking 50 minutes.  A helicopter was constantly circling the Design/Wynwood neighborhood right above us.  We found out later that Miami joined in the national series of protests against police brutality and we were in the midst of everything.  Good, I like being in the midst. 

We were aiming for the exhibition at the Nina Torres Gallery located at 1800 N. Bayshore Drive.  Parking was a breeze. About 30 people made it to the vast gallery where food and beverages were served in abundance.  Eventually I found artist Fredrik Olsen, who flew in directly from a snow-packed Swedish environment, fretting and checking out the late hanging of his large-scale paintings.  He was nervous because the works arrived barely before the opening of the one-night-only show. Now we know why.

His paintings are covered with gold and silver leaf surrounded by bold strokes and easily splashed with whimsical colors.  Occasionally the viewer of his paintings will discern a small, darkish profile of one or several curious figures lurking amongst the paints and metallic finishes. Explosive hues and far-away landscapes are Fredrik’s forte.  As an afterthought, some of his undefinable tiny people seem lost amongst the world wind of colorful action taking place around them.  Remind you of anything?

Fredrik told me to tell you that if you seek additional information, he’ll be available through Nina. So much to check out…so little time. In the meantime, in my extremely humble opinion, as citizens of this country we need to do what has to be done to keep things in balance.