Art Basel ‘week’ in Miami Beach/Miami is truly one of those surprisingly spectacular events that (fortunately for those amongst us who can’t live without all of the facets created by any artistic evolution), rooted itself into this sunny, bizarre, outrageous part of the planet back in 2002.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have covered the show since its inception back when Samuel Keller was Director.  I seriously still own about 250 pounds of yearly catalogues to prove it.  

The original Art Basel existed long before it hit South Florida.  In 2002 it had already been the world’s largest art market for the previous 34 years in Basel, Switzerland, primarily because of the extensive list of participating prestigious artists and galleries that have been invested at every level of Basel’s artistic endeavors.  Since then Art Basel Miami Beach has reared its magnificent head and taken on a life that no one could have possibly imagined.  In fact there were many past instances where there was talk of the show establishing itself on the West coast of the USA.  Thankfully it’s still here and hopefully…here it will remain.

This year as I wandered around the multiple art-filled aisles, I started to pay more attention to what people were wearing rather than the fascinating art on view.  I remember walking behind the Scull sisters & son Michael, several shows ago while watching the crowds part as they sashayed slowly through the aisles with their hand-sewn-home-made apparel.  Same thing happened when I stalked husband and wife, Eva & Adele, the Austro-German bald couple who have their own brand of mirror-image dress-up.

This year was no exception.  People become fashionista-living-works-of-art, out-doing each other for attention from the hordes of blasé art lovers.  Respectful of their privacy, I shot (from the back and sides), some of their wearables that I especially found remarkable.  Here are highlights of the textiles on both men and women.