Henry Perez is a talented photographer who has been visually covering the arts and entertainment scene in Florida for a number of years.  After being in the corporate world for over 3 decades, Cuban born Henry volunteered to take pictures for MiamiArtZine, an online publication that focuses on artistic events, and then as they say…’the rest is history’. Photography became his full time job and his freelance passion. 

Allow me to examine this winding road that had led Henry to do something that no one else…I believe, has done before. 

1)    Corporate work.

2)    Volunteer photographer.

3)    Additional work for a number of publications.

4)    Appreciation by numerous clients.

5)    Photographic exhibitions in South Florida.

6)    A spark of an idea that involved interesting, beautiful, accomplished women in the community.

7)    Going forth with the spark, which detaches Henry from artists who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

8)    Months of photo shoots with smart women who do not fit the ‘tall, thin, model’ stencil and have now become his Wives, Mistressessssss and Princesses.

9)    Various exciting shows created by Henry entitled “Heavens”, “A Sweet Romance”, “Goddesses and Monsters” and now the hugely successful “La Femme…en Noir et Blanc”, that complements the opening of Art Basel 2014 Week in Miami Beach/Miami.

“I am extremely proud to have been selected to exhibit my photographic collection La Force des femmes au naturel: A Celebration of Miami’s Leading Ladies of Glamour, at the stunning rooftop of the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove, organized in part by ConroyMartinez Public Relations, benefitting the Sabrina Cohen Foundation, for individuals living with paralysis” said Henry at the grand opening of his show. “This exhibition features 50 images in black & white that have not been retouched or photo-changed, honoring the spirit and power of women leaders. I feel grateful to have been selected to show my work during Art Basel Week and appreciate the great opportunities it brings.”

Henry had another spark-sensational idea when he started ‘collecting’ his Wives, Mistressessssss and Princesses. He encourages all of us to wear similar colors when we meet for a show hence the Purple Reign. Sounds crazy but we love our King Henry and are proud to be in his colorful harem.   If you are fortunate enough to be one of the chosen 102 Wives, Mistressessssss and Princesses so far (I’m # 61), count your blessings.  It’s the best group to be associated with anywhere.  Am I partial?

To see additional works by Henry visit: www.henryperezphotos.com .