Hamilton made its first appearance in South Florida at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts last December, 2018 and needless to mention it was standing room only.

The Broward Production was composed of an all new cast said:  Lin-Manuel Miranda,

“We’re on our fifth production and going on our sixth.  We’ll follow the South Florida presentation with special shows in Puerto Rico and I’m really looking forward to that.”

If you missed it in both Broward and Puerto Rico, not to fret, it will be showing at the Arsht Center in Miami on February,18- March 15, 2020 and yes it’s worth the wait.

Did you know that Lin’s first role was in The Sopranos as a bell boy where he admitted that he had to check the floor for his mark while the camera filmed him?

This year also expect to see Les Miserables, (Feb., 5--10, 2019), Waitress, (Feb., 28 –March 3, 2019), School of Rock, (April, 9-14, 2019), The Lion King, (May 8-26, 2019), and Come from Away, (June 18-23, 2019).

Details: arshtcenter.org or call  305.949.6722.