This Catering/ Design / Special Events Company has ‘catered’ to South Florida’s whims and whimsical desires for over 20 years.  Along with her ace Chef Elgin Woodman, Joy Wallace has made an unbeatable name for her organization, providing delicacies for corporate events, weddings, private soirees and memorable design parties for many of Miami’s assortment of top-notch clients. Unforgettable celebrations are this firm’s middle name. 

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Remember Madonna’s early video where she wears a t-shirt that reads “Italians Do It Better”?  Well, in many cases… Italians do it better.  An Italian restaurant-market place-bar has just opened in Wynwood and I think it will rapture foodie taste buds.

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Pied a Terre Restaurant is located in the historic Cadet Hotel, a relatively small, hidden European jewel of a hotel with excellent service in the heart of SoBe.  Private parties, social events, weddings, and business meetings are just part of the amenities that they provide.  The hotel name comes from the time when Air Force cadets were stationed there shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

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So let’s analyze.  Not famous, maybe famous, could possibly become famous, didn’t make it to fame but succeeded in business.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to this remarkable event on numerous occasions and I feel privileged to have tasted the preparations made by these outstanding young chefs.

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 When women in the food industry decide to celebrate the holidays, you can expect the ultimate in tasty treats, healthy noshes, banging bites, and delectable desserts and even … the kitchen sink!  Well actually the sink wasn’t included in the dinner, but everything else was present and all in beautiful festive surroundings.  Such was the case this year when Les Dames d’Escoffier, Miami Chapter held their yearly decadent gathering at Dame Lucila Jimenez’s ‘mansion’ in the heart of Coral Gables.

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