Pied a Terre Restaurant is located in the historic Cadet Hotel, a relatively small, hidden European jewel of a hotel with excellent service in the heart of SoBe.  Private parties, social events, weddings, and business meetings are just part of the amenities that they provide.  The hotel name comes from the time when Air Force cadets were stationed there shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

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 When women in the food industry decide to celebrate the holidays, you can expect the ultimate in tasty treats, healthy noshes, banging bites, and delectable desserts and even … the kitchen sink!  Well actually the sink wasn’t included in the dinner, but everything else was present and all in beautiful festive surroundings.  Such was the case this year when Les Dames d’Escoffier, Miami Chapter held their yearly decadent gathering at Dame Lucila Jimenez’s ‘mansion’ in the heart of Coral Gables.

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There are a number of really good restaurants in the newly manifested Midtown in Miami.  Five years ago, the area was home to anonymous containers waiting to be sent to the Port of Miami and elsewhere. Grass filled railroad tracks and limited night-time lighting, discouraged anyone from ‘crossing the tracks’ into the adjacent Design District and Midtown.  

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Unless you live in Key Biscayne (KB) or you visit someone who lives in KB, chances are you might drive towards KB but probably stop and park by the long, sandy, expanse  of beach to enjoy the wave-less, wading waters or Biscayne Bay’s water activities.  However keep on driving and venture into the Village of Key Biscayne and you’ll find an island packed with wealthy South Americans who enjoy comfort, tasty restaurants and crafty shops.

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On a cool, windy Friday evening we headed towards the beach, (9th Street and Ocean Drive), for a seafood festival that promised to be delicious, delectable and delightful…and it was.  Sponsored by Range Rover and Bacardi, guests munched on sizzling appetizers and sipped rum inspired drinks.

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