Years ago, when I was one of the food writers for Miami New Times (MNT), my friends and colleagues, Lee Klein and David Minsky wrote reviews about Blue Collar (BC).  It had recently opened and their favorable posts explained why they individually recommended the place.  When MTN writers read the stories, many of us wanted to try it ourselves.  For me, it was all the more delightful since I live in the BC neighborhood. 

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Kendall’s critically-acclaimed restaurant and lounge, Devon Seafood + Steak, will continue its monthly tasting series with an epic Oyster Battle on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, beginning at 7PM on the restaurant’s beautiful waterfront patio.




Several food writers have written positive posts about Black Brick in Midtown these last few months.  I can’t do the same.  Three food writers met for lunch there this week.  The restaurant staff didn’t know who they were catering to and we were there just to meet and enjoy a lunch together.   However, it makes a review better for the foodies who read our posts when you appreciate the fact that we were treated like you are treated.

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Greek cuisine is one of the earliest ‘organized’ cuisines anywhere. So, what do we really know about such cuisine?  Well, the Greek civilization enlightened the world over 3,500 years ago. They gave us democracy, theatre, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astrology and many more sciences. Thus it stands to reason that they also knew something about good food and nutrition. 

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Located right on the northeastern edge of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach, this new and frankly awesome restaurant promises to tantalize your senses and pamper your spirit.  In early April the hype was palpable.  However as we all know, the anticipated buzz that announces a new eatery does not always deliver.  In this case it definitely did.  This top-notch Japanese inspired hot spot serves innovative cocktails, Sakes and wines and offered a rich assortment of creative appetizers to the hundreds of guests who attended the opening.

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