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Downtown Miami is mysteriously evolving.  Drive through, during a night-time weekly excursion and continually discover a new nightspot, restaurant or lounge that wasn’t there a few days ago. The area has been mostly ignored (except for the underground know-it-alls), until recently, which turns out to be a good thing if you want to experience sensual secluded moments in a special place with easy access to on-street or valet parking.

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La Cofradia was a restaurant where business people met for specialty drinks after work and elegant dining after the drinks.  But that was then.  Today, the new owners of the eatery have changed the name to Mixtura and want to attract foodies, who are anxious to try unusual Peruvian specialties at reduced prices and according to the chef, will enjoy the first Pisco Bar in Miami and afterwards will hopefully will become staple clients.

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In all honesty, I haven’t really eaten at Bocce Bar (3252 NE 1st Ave., Wynwood, 786.245.6211) in Miami.  Yep, it’s a fun place that we discovered by accident.  We were invited to an event close by and were just looking for a watering hole to enjoy until the event opened its doors.  I know Sugarcane (next door) and I’ve always enjoyed the food there but we just wanted a couple of drinks, two bar stools and some service in a calm spot.

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Papa Hemingway would no doubt have loved representing this formidable gutsy rum. Papa Pilar Rum was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s spirit of adventure and recently made its launch at the Miami Rum Festival.   Their inaugural Dark & Blonde varieties of the spirit were born from the finest rums and represent a complex blend,  utilizing  various ages and sources of rums from the Caribbean, Central America and the U.S.A.

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Formerly known as Liebfraumilch, Blue Nun has successful morphed into an easy-drinking, semi-sweet German wine which is presently distributed in 65 countries.  Patrick Franz-WilhelmLangguth, CEO of the brand said, “Balance of the sugar and acidity in our product is very important to us. We have a unique method of processing the selected grapes, known as Sichel Superior Vinification which ensures us of the highest quality of grapes from our own vineyards.”

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