Boxes from RomanticoAlejandra Bigai

It’s a small elegant boutique on Coral Way.  Free parking around the back of the building makes it easy for addicts to find suitable parking.  Hurry into the boutique and anxiously push open the doors of Romanico and....inhale. Once inside, a whiff of the goodies will have clients surrounded by a chocolate heaven created by Dame d’Escoffier Alejandra Bigai.

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 Plate from UriartePorc ChopBowls from Uriarte

On a rainy June morning I went to see a fantastically entertaining film called Chinese Puzzle (Director Cedric Klapisch) at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. A wonderfully executed film with superb graphics and knowledgeable, gifted actors. Outside, I debated.  Stay in the neighborhood and have lunch by myself or go home and have lunch by myself.  A good parking space and plenty of coins left in the meter made the decision easy. I wandered over to Talavera, a couple of blocks north of the Cinema house. 

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