Wine Depot 555 in South Beach has been around for a couple of years now, but it’s morphing.  Frenchman Emmanuel Pelletier has taken over the establishment’s reins, remodeled the distinctive wine depot and modernized it to entice the SoBe crowd.  Gone are the couches and coffee tables.  Now the bistro boasts an ample, romantic 2,500 sq. ft. outdoor restaurant under the moonlit sky as well as a huge wine cellar interior that is reminiscent of wine tasting places found throughout the French countryside, and an impressive horseshoe stainless steel bar that overlooks the high-top barrel tables.

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The popular Culinary Pavilion at the 51st Coconut Grove Art Festival, which took place recently, was a hit with foodies who no doubt enjoy art but also love to see top-notch chefs prepare their famous dishes, step-by-step and explain their specialties up close and personal.  Live demonstrations provided entertainment and education for guests of all ages.  This year’s chefs represented successful restaurants and hotels from South Florida and included several nationally recognized authors, local celebrities and guest presenters.

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Sushi & SakeMore and more of us are appreciating Sake with our Sushi. This fermented libation pairs so well with a multitude of foods but exceptionally well with the vast assortment of sushi that has become a staple in Asian restaurants everywhere.  America is now the third largest importer of the intricately fermented beverage and as a nation we are finally acknowledging the complexity of the formidable liquid.

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Sherpherd pie and other dishesLooking for a fun place to enjoy comfort food and linger in a traditional Irish Pub? I can recommend a place that can be intimate or noisy, friendly but also private, delicious, down-home, and has a folksy but edgy feel to it. Stout Sports Bar & Grill is an Irish inspired tavern that opened last March, 2012 and has become a staple for neighbors as well as South Floridians. Expect to enjoy tantalizing Irish inspired food, music and good service.  Oh and did I mention that they like to keep their thirsty clients well watered?

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Dish from Cheen-HuayeA friend introduced me to this casual, Southern Mexican Cuisine restaurant on Biscayne Blvd. and 154th St., a while back.  A Mexican-American top-notch, local chef eats there all the time and confided, “I know good food and I know good Mexican authentic food and this place serves delicious, traditional, South of the Border food, which is rare in Miami. It’s not your typical Taco sampler.  It’s real and tasty, the way they make it in Southern Mexico.”

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