Formerly known as Liebfraumilch, Blue Nun has successful morphed into an easy-drinking, semi-sweet German wine which is presently distributed in 65 countries.  Patrick Franz-WilhelmLangguth, CEO of the brand said, “Balance of the sugar and acidity in our product is very important to us. We have a unique method of processing the selected grapes, known as Sichel Superior Vinification which ensures us of the highest quality of grapes from our own vineyards.”

Miami-based mixologist Chris Hudnall was inspired to create a new format for the wine and said, “I feel wine cocktails have been trying to emerge in the industry, specifically recently.  Wine based drinks are often accompanied by citruses, liquors, spirits, bitters, and aromatics. I want to bring sweet flavors to the palette, which eliminates the need to add sugars, syrups, or agave, and the dry back end of the wine finishes the cocktails with an amazing balance.” 

Export Project Manager Gigi Huang tweaked Hudnall’s inspiration by suggesting the company target women. She said, “In many countries women do the shopping and very often buy the wines.  We’re trying to cater to their tastes. We want to incorporate seasonal ingredients that highlight the product without overpowering it.”