A few weeks ago, we were invited to a Design Mini Trade Show in our NE neighborhood.

While getting to the outdoor exhibition space where the event was taking place, we discovered several delicious eateries within walking distance from the event and our home.  Normally this would not be unusual except that during this pandemic most restaurants were closing rather than opening.  I wandered into the REAL FOOD Academy owned by Chefs Arthur and Maria  Cumming, and smiled.

Chef Maria ventured over to me while I was enjoying a snack, a beverage and chatting with the efficient and charming bar/food/tender. She explained that she had owned a very popular restaurant in Miami Shores, then moved here but the pandemic…well you know.  They found this great spacy place within the 79th Street outdoor mall and decided to open a cooking school as well as a restaurant.  Classes are for adults AND children. Besides a spotless bar and seating area, foodies can learn to prepare healthy meals from food experts in a relaxing environment. Oh, and parents why not send the ‘small’ ones off to cooking classes, on site, while you have a beverage or two in the adjacent restaurant…just saying.  They also offer summer camp, Chef birthday celebrations with Zumba, weekend cooking classes, culinary camps, after school programs and in house field trips, all with healthy alternatives.  As expected, their take-out is super healthy too.

The REAL FOOD Academy is located at 570 NE 81st St., Miami, FL. 33138.  For details call 786-617-2932. Also access: therealfoodacademy.com  and therealfoodcafe.com

Easy parking