Several events have propelled us to look for eateries in our NE Miami neighborhood. 

1-hunger, 2-curiosity, 3-distance, 4-invitation.  All good reasons to venture out of our humble abode and taste again.  As many of you know, we’ve been held hostage in our houses and apartments for over a year. I actually have a friend who pitched a tent in her back yard in order to stay isolated and safe.  But that’s another story.

So on a sunny Friday afternoon we walked to HABIBI KUSH.  The name intrigued us and they had outdoor dining.  Located on the busy 79th St. corridor with free parking, outdoor seating and a lovely view of speeding traffic, it called to us. The owner is Mino Gerges who is from Egypt, super friendly and ready to please.

First impression, he was wearing a mask and kept his distance.  Next he was sitting at out table and telling us about his adventure into restaurant land.  Third, we were all old friends from way back and gone was his mask.

His menu states, “You need an attitude adjustment”.  We agreed.

The menu offers a nice change from tacos and burgers, both of which we enjoy however there is nothing wrong with a change now and then. Appetizers include Hummus ($7), Baba Ghanouj ($8), Falafel ($9) and Kibbeh ($11). Two plentiful platters are available. One is a Sampler Platter which includes everything in the appetizer’s menu plus a few extra nibbles ($16). There is also the Egyptian Pouting with a Tahini sauce, Egyptian flavors of your choice and either Hummus, Chicken, Beef and Lamb.  Pitas and Wraps are also available as well as daily specials. I didn’t see one item on his menu that cost more than the $16 Sampler Platter. Wines, Beers and some fun local beverages are also available.  Deserts include a Nutella Kunafa.

HABIBI KUSH is located at 930 NE 79th St., Miami, Fl. 33138.  Reach them at (786) 431-1262 or  Nice place, nice people.