NE Miami has a delightful ‘French’ restaurant that is elegant, served by a professional wait staff and lovely to dine at.

Cote Gourmet’s chef is trained in French traditional cooking and she doesn’t disappoint.

Chef Amina Ly is careful with her menu items and so knowledgeable in French cooking. For New Year’s Eve, her menu will treat you to a “Wave of French Cuisine” that will be memorable.

Expect a welcoming glass of Champagne, homemade bread & breadsticks, salted almond tuile with a butter trilogy.  Also wait for the basil and fresh ginger with anchovies, a dried tomato, butter and garlic herbs de Provence which if you remind your server will be coming towards your taste buds.  

Choose either a King Salmon or a Foie Gras Ravioli with Duck Consommé or the Stuffed Petit Cockerd, tamarind.  Also on the menu, Lentil & Cotechino and finally a slice of Buche a la Reine.  There is more of course and she can prepare something special for you and your guest (s),  if you call her ahead of time. 

Be amazed by her talent, her charm and just enjoy a tranquil, elegant evening.  Oh and plan to stay for hours while she prepares your meal. She creates everything from scratch and it’s worth the wait. Finish off your NYE dinner with a special dessert or Limoncello.  Let her know that I’m the client who gave her the ‘SNAKE’ necklace and she will leave her ovens to come out and greet you.

Indoor or sidewalk dining is delightful.  Free parking in the back.  Enjoy a delicious ‘calm’ meal'.  Luxury dining with live entertainment.

Miami Shores, 9999 NE 2nd Ave.  Reservations required.  Call 305 754.9012.


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