Recently, some lucky guests were invited to taste an assortment of wines at the Miami Culinary Institute.

The Master Class was perfectly presented by Mr. Lyn Farmer who introduced us to CUSTOZA D.O.C.  wines. The educationally guided tasting featured a variety of white wines from the Costoza region, situated on the hills between Verona and Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

Thirteen wines were on the list for sampling.  Mr. Farmer, a James Beard award winning wine and food writer,  pointed to the importance of location, soil composition, vintage, number of bottles produced annually, varietal composition, the wine making process, color, palate, alcoholic content, prices and how to pairs these excellent wines with food preparations.

Sippers found the Custoza D.O.C. 2018- Cavalchina, a reasonably priced crowd favorite.  Most of the wines are priced in the $14.00- $25.00 range.  Number 13, (Elianto a mélange of 50% Cortese, 40% Garganega and 10% Trebbiano), on our tasting list was priced at $35 and as you might guess was ‘ naturalmente’ everyone’s favorite. 

The wines presented at this Master Class are available at Total Wine as well as other fine quality wine shops.  Once the class was over, attendees were invited to gather at the TUYO Restaurant for a light lunch reception.  Italian pasta was served which complimented the wines that had been offered during the class. 

Tuyo is located at the Culinary Institute (8th floor), 415 N.E. Second Ave. Miami 33132, 305.237.3200.