I saw a small ad in the Sunday Herald two days ago. 

I only stopped to read it because of the words HUGH SALE.  Actually it wasn’t what we expected when we got to the Miami Airport Convention Center (711 NW 72nd Ave.), at the Doubletree Hotel.  First, guests were supposed to pre-register on line.  No mention of that in the ad.  FREE ADMISSION sounded promising.  There were two combined events that were geared towards wholesalers.  Not geared at us. The Construction Dealer’s part of the show had less than 20 venders.  One vender actually shouted out, “Where is everybody?” 

The Asian Wholesale Supplier’s part of the limited show had EVERY vendor on their cell phones. Not one single person raised their heads to greet us. We strolled through the entire show in less than eight minutes. 

The Doubletree Hotel affords  a multitude of fascinating, fashion ‘galleries’ located on their ground level.  No clients as far as we could see, however they offer a varied assortment of creative exotic, clothing items and costume jewelry outlets.

We wandered around the Hotel/Convention Center (still no clients anywhere), and finally found a really nice restaurant in the hotel lobby.   Nothing fancy.  The wait staff was professional and willing to get us some good lunch-time nibbles and drinks. We sat at the bar watching tennis players hit balls until the food arrived. 

The hotel restaurant offers a clean, unpretentious eatery which includes a salad bar, special events dishes and some truly, very affordable meals and desserts.  After eating a super delicious fish and chips plate for me and a very big beautifully prepared hamburger for RG, we realized that we had found a hidden jewel of a restaurant in a hotel lobby!!!   Finish your beverages and just linger in the lobby area which is equipped with TV, magazines and soft musical selections.  So worth the drive there.  Car parking will cost you $5.00.