I can only think of a handful of South Florida restaurants that have endured the test of time.

A Fish Called Avalon (AFCA) is one of these original South Beach eateries that just get better and better as the decades go by. 

Now in its 30th year, wonderful chefs have come and gone.  Today you’ll find Chef Kal Abdalla (formerly of Martini Bar, Prezza Restaurant and The Forge) at the helm of this Ocean Drive landmark.  His credentials are impeccable and the dishes prepared for today’s clientele are remarkable.

The patio outdoor section lets foodies enjoy the endless parade of locals and visitors who stroll up and down The Drive. Step inside and surround yourselves with elegance, luscious aromas, impeccable service and live non-invasive music.   I write non-invasive because we personally feel, we like to hear each other at the dinner table and loud music doesn’t always allow for that.

Marta, our soft spoken, very professional waitress, seated us, greeted us and spoiled us.  The time-honored, predominantly seafood menu contains all sorts of surprising extras. A hint of a special spice or a presentation that is unexpectedly artistic, introduces clients to the unique and flavorful meal that awaits everyone.  Food and Beverage Director Pascal Pinault, overlooks the eatery with care.  Every dish leaving the kitchen is checked for perfection.

Three of us tried different appetizers, various main plates and we even shared our one single slice of pie because, there was no more room in our tummies for a slice each.  By the way Chef Kal’s Key Lime Pie received 1st place award at the National Pie Championships Competition this year.  And anyone visiting our seaside town knows that you cannot leave South Florida without having a fork-filled taste of Key Lime Pie.

We shared the Spanish Charred Octopus appetizer which was unforgettable. It was marinated with a reduction of fennel, Madeira squid ink and topped with watercress vinaigrette.  Remember that I mentioned a hint of something unexpected in many of the chef’s preparations?  For instance Le Seafood Plateau is a symphony of flavors.  Fresh seafood, steamed in Champagne contained a hint of chervil leaves, garlic, cream and surprisingly a zest of lime. I don’t ever mix citrus with dairy however with this dish it’s that tiny extra something that makes the seafood tingle on the tongue. Sides include Truffle Sweet Potatoes Mash, Basmati Rice, Leek Potato Mash and Sautéed Broccolini. The textures, the fresh ingredients, the numerous spices create unexpected flavors and that je ne sais quoi mélange,  make this place memorable.

Parking is sometimes an issue in this Art Deco neighborhood however know that there are various Parking garages within walking distance that charge very little per hour.  We had an outstanding food experience that we hope you will get to taste soon.