Johnson & Wales University consistently produces great chefs. 

They also help students find employment in a variety of culinary disciplines.  Their facility in NE Miami encourages students are seeking career possibilities in a state-of-the arts complex successfully guide students towards an education in the culinary arts that will hopefully bring fulfillment to their graduates.

Recently, I was honored to be named a judge (for the second year), for the Student Culinary Competition.  You are thinking, wow, you get to taste great preparations.  Nope, it’s not that easy.  Students depend on us to be impartial, encouraging and most of all understanding.  Then on top of all of that pressure, we, the judges have to select the preparations that focus on imagination, creativity, selection of ingredients and style.  It’s painful to select only three of these talented students who put themselves out there, hoping for an award or just a nod. This year’s dishes were all exceptional.   Judges only get to award three hopefuls.  Trust me; it hurts to choose, however all the dishes were amazing.   Someone has to do this difficult task.  I’ll do it. J.