The Italian Association “Ambasciatori del Gusto” hosted a Master Class for the students of the MDC Culinary Institute recently

According to me it was- deliciocio!

Cristina Bowerman is a multi-talented Italian Chef who wishes to inspire a new generation of female chefs while leading students to a fresh, modern era of Italian cooking was on fire with her words of wisdom.  She’s not really Italian however she felt the need to melt into the Italian ‘fabric’ years ago and thanks to her no-nonsense initiative, made her highly appreciated in the culinary world.  

Her creative plates are rooted in Italian tradition and presently spiced with an International flair.   After completing a course at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Texas, she secured work in a series of restaurants.  In 2010 Bowerman was awarded a Michelin Star- the only female chef to receive one that year. 

This pink haired, multi-lingual master female chef, verbally introduced 20 plus MDC culinary students (mostly women), to the art of classic kitchen skills, innovative techniques and mostly the importance of ‘breaking all of the rules’.

Her first advice for women was to not take any “crap” from the men.  “Don’t let them push you out of the way.  Don’t let them brush you away when you’re preparing.  Push them back and let them know that you are in charge and you know what you’re doing.” She stated, “Often men chefs would push me aside when I was working.”  Her reaction, “You push me, I push back.” 

“I teach women to use innovative techniques, focus on green-sustainable foods and energy technologies.  She said,   “Women all over the world are making a difference.   You all need to make a difference too.”