Celebrity Eclipse’s Executive Chef Denton Earl Laing found time during his busy schedule to give a few dozen passengers some interesting pointers about fish and meat preparations.

The chef is originally from Jamaica and still holds on to certain traditions from his birthplace.  The essential one is he doesn’t use salt on any of his dishes.  He explained, “When I first boarded the ship and went in the galley, I got rid of all of the salt.  My cooks didn’t understand why however now they do.  Salt doesn’t add flavor.  Herbs add flavor (thyme, oregano, rosemary, garlic mixed with his blended oil to marinate), and I use plenty of herbs in my cooking.”

Perhaps the best tip he shared is to smother your potentially chewy meat with plain yogurt for less than six hours and that should tenderize any meats.  He also uses the green skin of the papaya with his special brand of ‘blended oil’, (75% EVOO and 25% canola oil or vegetable oil), to keep the chewiness down.

Chef Laing has worked in many places around the world including Asia, South America and Europe.  He is a member of the ‘Chaine des Rotisseurs’  and oversees a staff of 236 in the extensive kitchens of the Eclipse. We really enjoyed his preparations.