My father was a very interesting man. His résumé, had he had one would have boggled your mind. Think Einstein.

 When one or both of us couldn’t sleep, he would suggest driving to China Town in downtown Manhattan and sipping on some Won Ton soup, followed by some on-the-spot made Ban Pao.  We often found ourselves ordering food at 3 a.m., in China Town, surrounded by tons of Chinese insomniacs.  I now realize how special those meals were.

Recently we walked into CY Chinese Restaurant at 1242 NE 163rd St. in North Miami, 33162.  There was only one other table occupied by a non Asian older couple.  While we sat and waited, about 30 Chinese patrons walked in.  They were in a tour.  Quickly afterwards 4 large round tables became occupied by hordes of Chinese teens who never put their phones down.  Suddenly I felt like I was back in Chinatown, NYC.

By no means can we consider CY an elegant, hi-profile eatery.  Florescent lighting, minimal visual, non-existing decorative enhancement is an accurate description of the decor.  They do have a very large tank with too many fish gasping for air in a corner of the place. We know where those tanked up fish are going to end up.

I don’t know what I ate.  I don’t know what my dining partner ate either.  There are over 150 items on their menu. All I can say is that the food we enjoyed was pretty decent and very Chinese inspired. 

If you appreciate a Chinese environment, surrounded by very demanding –high pitched barks from patrons, well this is the place for you. Dare I add that not leaving the wait staff a tip… sucks ------you cheapos!  But maybe it’s a cultural thing.

I AM DEFINETLY GOING BACK and yes we always tip generously.