Here are two more notable culinary mentions serving very affordable lunches in Coral Gables (CG).  Canton Chinese Restaurant is a local landmark in CG.  It’s fast, good and their lunch special is downright inexpensive.

We dropped in for a late lunch recently and ordered the special.  Hot tea in a teapot for two appeared instantly as did the fried noodles and the menu. We ordered two midday specials at $9.95 each. Not really because we were being cheapos (although there is some merit to that), but because we were in a rush and assumed correctly, that the plates would be on the table in less than 5 minutes. 

 The Seafood Salad had a good portion of lettuce and some veggies in a large fruit cup, topped with imitation crab ‘rolls’.  I had the Roasted Chicken Breast with some Broccoli sprouts.  We shared the salty dipping sauce. Both dishes were accompanied with either white or brown rice and/or a soup.  Seriously, I can’t make all of that in my own kitchen for less than $20.00.  Water was our beverage of preference. My fortune cookie was accurate.

 Canton Chinese Restaurant, 2614 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Details: 305.448.3736.

 Our other find is Miss Saigon Bistro which serves Vietnamese Cuisine as their specialty.  Vietnamese clad servers are quick and attentive. I tried the Shrimp with the rice and my main squeeze had the Pork and veggies. Rice and soup or salad is their side du jour too.  Much like Canton, the plates came quickly, the food was delicious and the total price was also less than $20.00 for both lunches. 

 Now, some of you are probably shrugging your shoulders and wondering what’s so great about the above mentioned restaurants?  You can probably find the same bargains anywhere else in the Sunshine State.  Folks, we’re talking Coral Gables here.  Where just about everything is super pricey.  Both eateries are clean, efficient and serve their clients in fun Asian surroundings. 

 Miss Saigon Bistro, 148 Giralda Ave., Details: 305.446.8006.

Helpful hint.  Make sure you pay the proper amount for parking.  The City of CG is hard on anyone who doesn’t obey their parking demands and the driving laws.