Pied a Terre Restaurant is located in the historic Cadet Hotel, a relatively small, hidden European jewel of a hotel with excellent service in the heart of SoBe.  Private parties, social events, weddings, and business meetings are just part of the amenities that they provide.  The hotel name comes from the time when Air Force cadets were stationed there shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The restaurant opened its doors in 2011.  It is cozy, quaint, elegant and refined.  With just 36 seats inside and outdoor seating for 25,  in a beautiful garden setting, guests can enjoy after work drinks or dinner in an ambiance that is serene and intimate, which vastly differs from the usual South Beach dining experience. They cater to a clientele who appreciate, privacy, personal service, fine foods and hard to find wines.  

The chefs (they have visiting chefs three or four times a year), prepare menu dishes using classic French cooking techniques, blended with the creativity and innovation that are featured at Michelin-starred restaurants in France today.  Their modern, healthy slant on the menu items means that they do not incorporate cream, but use minimal amounts of butter and include spices and fresh products from all over the world.  Freshness, quality, light and healthy flavorful meals are the philosophy that keeps bringing clients back again and again.  The chefs also insist on supporting local farmers whenever possible.

In addition to the a-la-carte menu, they offer a five-course chef’s tasting menu with an optional wine pairing for every course.  I’d like to give you information about their menu however it keeps changing, but please believe me, it’s a sensual, sublime dining experience.   Worth the drive there.  Valet parking is available.

 They are located at 1701 James Avenue, in Miami Beach, Fl. 33139.  Reservations are highly recommended.  Details: 305.531.4533 or visit piedaterrerestaurant.com.