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On a cool, windy Friday evening we headed towards the beach, (9th Street and Ocean Drive), for a seafood festival that promised to be delicious, delectable and delightful…and it was.  Sponsored by Range Rover and Bacardi, guests munched on sizzling appetizers and sipped rum inspired drinks.


The evening featured Chef Ralph Pagano who challenged Chef Fabio Viviani in a lobster roll vs. lobster pops contest. Chef Massimo Giannattaiso and Chef Peter Vauthy competed in the Surf N Turf category.   Chef Paolo Dorigato butted heads with Chef Demetrios Pyliotis for the Greek Octopus contest and Chef Vito DiSalvo and Chef Victor Coronel went for the Italians Pairing crown.  Chefs Kareem Anguin, Luis Lopez and  Billy Boyle were all contestants for the Fish Showdown.

There were an abundance of Chef’s restaurant tasting stations where guests sampled signature dishes and voted for the best bites in Lobster, Octopus, Ahi Tuna, Surf N Turf, and Fish preparations supplied by Whole Foods.  


HESS Select organized this tasty 2nd annual Showdown as part of a fundraising event, that our South Florida community will profit from. Miami thanks you Hess.