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This place won’t ever make the pages of any luxury restaurant magazine.  Fancy décor was not a top priority when Siam RiceThai & Sushi Restaurant opened a few years ago.  Don’t fret; it’s clean, spacey and quiet. Go there for their surprisingly yummy food and their reserved and gentle wait staff. 


Siam Rice is wedged in-between two affluent communities: Pineshore and Belle Meade which are on either side of 79th St. and Biscayne Blvd., (US 1).  This important, bustling daytime throughway becomes deserted after the sun goes down, except for the occasional bus passenger rushing home and an assortment of bicycle riders who can’t seem to avoid just mulling around and checking out the surroundings.

Siam Rice has different tasty specials every night. Many of them under $15.  Push open their front doors and head over to the vinyl covered seats and Formica table tops.  Chances are you’ll only find a bottle of low sodium soy sauce on the table. Maybe a plastic flower in a glass-bud-vase if they feel enthusiastic.  But…then prepare to encounter a menu that contains over one hundred different items.  Lunch specials include Japanese Bento Boxes, Teriyaki and rice and Thai lunches for $7.99.  Also on their four page fold- out menu, sushi and roll combinations, sashimi combos, low carb dishes, Makimono rolls, salads, soups and veggie appetizers. There are noodle soups, Thai entrees, white fish, duck, a variety of seafood combos and much more.  Their Wednesday crispy lobster roll for $9.99 is mouthwatering, but I found out that you can order the same dish for the same price all of the time.  Soft shell crabs drenched in a lightly spiced sauce, surrounded with veggies are also on the ‘specials’ menu, but again are available anytime for one penny less than $10. They serve Asian beers including Sapporo in 16 oz. bottles and other beers in smaller bottles that are pricedat $5.00 for two bottles.

The most expensive preparations on the menu are the seafood dishes which when compared to other Asian restaurants aren’t really that expensive at all.  The Lobster Nam Dang (1 piece) is a steamed lobster tail topped with ground shrimp, sweet peas, pineapple, mushrooms, baby corn, cashew nuts in a savory brown sauce for $20.99.  Their seafood teriyaki with broiled shrimps, scallop, and half lobster tail smothered in a teriyaki sauce with mushrooms, carrots and snow peas is also priced at $20.99.

We’ve dined there a number of times and have never been disappointed.   Park in the back for free. You won’t need reservations or have to wait to be seated.   Just stroll in with a relaxed attitude, then sit back and eat a good meal.

Siam Rice Thai & Sushi Restaurant, 7941 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, 33138.  Details 305 758.0516 or visit