Papa Hemingway would no doubt have loved representing this formidable gutsy rum. Papa Pilar Rum was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s spirit of adventure and recently made its launch at the Miami Rum Festival.   Their inaugural Dark & Blonde varieties of the spirit were born from the finest rums and represent a complex blend,  utilizing  various ages and sources of rums from the Caribbean, Central America and the U.S.A.

Lindsey Kops, Brand Manager said, “Papa Pilar is more about spirit. We want to get rum back to its roots.  For us it’s a bold and adventurous product reminiscent of Papa Hemingway.   He had a rich history and we want to capture his adventurous spirit, core values, love of sports and his dedication to the protection of natural resources.  Our master blenders wanted to create a super-premium product with a distinctive character.  A unique Solera aging and blending process, using American Oak Bourbon barrels, Port Wine casks and finished in Spanish Sherry casks is used.Solera is an end result that is always consistent with selected aging whichrenders the ultimate flavor smooth, yetbold.”

Pilar Rum is a blonde that’s 84 proof and has the character of a dark but is blonde in color. Their dark rum (86 proof), translates into a spicy, woody,robust flavor that doesn’t burn the throat when consumed. The blond is priced at $29.99 and the dark at $39.99.”

Papa Pilar was developed in conjunction with Hemingway’s estate. The Hemingway family will donate 100% of their royalty profits to charitable organizations that embody the likes of adventure, literacy and conservation causes that were dear to the writer. Le Dish Magazine does not condone drinking and driving so DRINK RESPONSIBLY.