Our friend Lisa Gregorio, who is a South Florida icon and knows Miami’s Who’s Who, like the palm of her hand, also knows baskets and how to create works of basket art with an innovative touch.

Need a personal, memorable, gift item for any occasion?  Holidays, birthdays, engagements, or yummy treats for friends and neighbors… contact her.She’ll provide Gourmet Food Baskets and then some. 


Check out BunchesofBasketsandMore @ gmail.com. Lisa accepts Visa, MC and Discovery.  Bon appetit.


More and more of us are appreciating Sake with our Sushi. This fermented libation pairs so well with a multitude of foods but exceptionally well with the vast assortment of sushi that has become a staple in USA-Asian restaurants everywhere.  America is now the third largest importer of the intricately fermented beverage and as a nation we are finally acknowledging the complexity of the formidable liquid.

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 Ribbon cutting  Transportation  Final Cut

Mary Brickell Village hosted a ‘green’ event recently.  On the agenda, the launch of FREEBEE electric cars.Mayor Tomas Regalado said, “This is really cool. Electric cars will move a lot of people. We’re looking forward to a greener Miami.  We’re looking forward to the future of Miami.”

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You probably don’t know this and most food writers probably won’t readily admit to it, but…sometimes we find an unbeatable little restaurant that conjures up some good dishes and we really don’t want to write about it.  Not because it isn’t great.  Not because it isn’t affordable and delightful. But because if we let you know about this little diamond of a restaurant, you’ll follow our advice and go taste the yummies.  And where does that leave us?  Yearning for a table in our delicious treasure find,which will no longer be available because of you. It’s a tough call but… oh well.

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