We decided to head over to the Saturday Outdoor Market on 66th Street and Biscayne Boulevard a few weeks ago. 

We haven’t been there in years.   We’re strolling around and I think I recognize someone who I haven’t seen in ages.  Carl Juste, well known photographer for the Miami Herald is ahead of me.  “Hey Carle, it’s me Marguerite, how have you been?”  We’re catching up and Carl suddenly remembers to tell us that he has Ron Magill (Miami Zoo Director), speaking in his Little Haiti Art Gallery (ICP Art Space) later that afternoon.  Connections?  Interesting connections happen to me almost every day.

IPC is attached to the Little Haiti Cultural Center (59th Street and NE Second Ave.), in Miami. I wore a zebra striped top, a hanging panther gold necklace and a snakeskin bag to the exhibition.  Ron noticed me as soon as we walked into the Gallery.   Ron’s magnificent photos were exhibited around the gallery and chairs were set up for a small gallery talk later that afternoon.   Ron is very animated when he describes his photos and where the photos were taken.  The small group of youngsters as well as the attending adults were mesmerized  by his formidable shots and his intricate descriptions of the animals and reptiles on view.

Join Carl in celebrating the closing of Ron’s images reflecting the beauty of his wildlife shots.  IPC Art Space will present an evening of music, photography and animal facts.  This remarkable show brings attention to the importance of the natural balance of nature and the conservation of wildlife.  IPC is proud to partner with Ron Magill, The Zoo Miami Foundation and the Cecil & Ana Milton Family Foundation.  The closing night will be on August 19th from 7:00 -11:00 p.m.  Let’s connect.