Throughout her life Josephine Baker challenged conventions and broke down barriers through her style, art, and beliefs.

A true symbol of the fight for equality, she remains forever the first Afro-American international star. Recently France decided that Baker will enter the Pantheon in Paris (November 30, 2021). The monument is a true symbol of the French Republic and welcomes illustrious figures who made their mark in the country’s history such as inventors, writers, and Human Rights activists. She will be the first black woman to rest in this prestigious French Memorial alongside five other distinguished women.

During WWII, Josephine Baker joined the French Resistance hiding underground fighters and Jews in the Chateau des Milandes in the Perigord region. She became a pilot for the French Forces Libres in Morocco and concealed information in her musical scores that she passed on to the Allies. She was awarded the Legion of Honor and the Medaille de la Resistance, upon the Liberation. Bravo Josephine.