The Surrounded Pink Islands created by Jeanne-Claude and Christo back in the early eighties shook the art world.

The two artists along with hundreds of local volunteers wrapped eleven Biscayne Bay Islands with some 6.5 million square feet of air-filled pink polypropylene fabric.  It was fantastic.  I lived on 64th St. east of Biscayne Blvd., (half a block from the bay); back then and I watched the installations on a daily basis.  What a monumental task.

At the time I remember Christo saying that he was going to bury the fabric so that no one could profit from selling the pieces once the installation was dismantled.  Many of us wondered about that. It would have been profitable for the artists to sell small bits of the fabric rather than bury it. I personally would have enjoyed having a piece and framing it as a reminder of the historic event. 

Last week I finally got to see and touch the pink fabric. It’s on view until February 17, 2019 which gives you a few more days to check it out.  So worth the drive there.

Perez Art Museum Miami.  Details: or call 305 375.3000