The annual HUGE Chinese New Year migration is in full swing. 

Over One Hundred Million Chinese people will be taking trains, planes, boats, bicycles and any means necessary to get towards their homes for the New Year.  Expect to see roadways filled with travelers loaded with gifts and edibles trying to get home any way they can.   Welcome to the Year of the Boar.

MDC Kendal Campus will celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Kendall/ Campus (11011 SW 104th St) with demonstrations in Chinese Calligraphy, handwriting demos, Chinese dancing as well as multiple vendors selling edibles and Asian specialties. 

The Chinese New Year is traditionally a 15-day celebration that starts with the new moon.   It ends with a full moon 15 days later.  Based on astronomical observations, people born during the Year of the Pig are said to be generous, have impeccable table manners and will bring good humor and happiness to those who he or she surround themselves with.