Spice Dinners are still ‘a la une’ until the end of September 2016.  How many of the 244 (more or less), have you enjoyed?   

I must admit I’m not only falling behind.  I’m getting a much larger ‘behind’ in a tireless effort to keep all of you informed as to the best places for a Spice lunch or dinner. 

Recently we tasted a most decadent dinner at the Pied a Terre Restaurant.  It is one of the best kept dining secrets in Miami Beach.  Located in the Cadet Hotel, this hidden boutique/ dining spot welcomes guests into their intimate, romantic, elegant and delectable culinary environment with open arms.   Director Patrick offers his clients attentive service, menu items which, were it not for the Spice Menu would not be so easily accessible to many of us, plus an exclusive wine list that makes the taste buds salute.

The menu is slated to change on the 15th of September.  What you should do is get there during the first part of this week for the present menu and then get back there to taste the new menu before the Spice special ends. 

Imagine Asparagus Crème Brulée or a Tartar of two Salmons as one of the first courses.  Drool over the Seafood duo, Grouper and Scallop in a Vadouvan scented reduction or just excite your palate with the Beef “favorite cut of the butcher” Smoked flavor Crispy Polenta,  gently hugged with a Garlic confit and topped with an assortment of smoked flavors. Additional options are available.

Afterwards as if you could possibly put one more spoonful of food into your mouth, a Chocolate Tart served next to a homemade mint sorbet.  Did I mention the Profiteroles Orange cream with candied orange? Beyond supreme. 

Pied a Terre Restaurant in the Cadet Hotel, 1701 James Ave. MB 33139.  Reservations 305.531.4533. 

Visit: www.piedaterrerestaurant.com.