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Provence boasts centuries of colorful and storied traditions.  This southern region of France is sun-drenched and filled with iconic lavender fields, azure waters, rich soil and passionate, generous people.  

The hills of the Provence region grow elegant, and delicious wines that are versatile and offer wine enthusiasts a wide range of flavors and textures.  The area produces powerful, legendary reds, aromatic roses as well as a full spectrum of pale dry whites to delicate pinks.  Although light-bodied and refreshing, dry roses from Provence are praised for being diverse, complex and very food friendly. Wine producers agree that Les Vins de Provence are perfect for almost every cuisine.

Provence, is considered the oldest wine growing area in France.  Ever since the Greeks first brought wines and vines to the Marseille area 2,600 years ago, the people of Provence have been totally engaged in the art of winemaking.  Today, vast improvements in the quality of their wines have solidified the area’s reputation as the gold standard for wines and especially in the rose category.

Recently, The Cypress Room in Miami’s Design District offered guests a sampling of Les Vins de Provence.  On the menu a rich assortment of beets, Bucatini crab, local fish specialties and other fine delicacies.  As a parting gift, lucky diners were given a cookbook entitled PROVENCE Food and Wine, The Art of Living.  

Authors Viktorija Todorovska and Francois Millo explored the culinary treasures of this ancient wine region.  They encountered local cooks, chefs and wine growers and together composed a cookbook which beautifully paints a vivid picture of the culinary specialties from the south of France and the wines that are best served with the Mediterranean dishes of the area.  The recipes in this informative book are a must for anyone interested in the complete art de vivre French experience.   Rose wines are available at Total Wines.  Details: