Every Problem Is Potentially an Opportunity in Disguise

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Problems pop up every day… for all of us.  I’ve learned to grin and deal with them. What else is there to do?  We had our invitations for the Original Miami Beach Antique Show, slated to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from March 12-16, 2021.  Spiffy and elated to experience (once again), the beautiful and creative Objects d’Art on view during this pandemic, we headed towards the Conventions Center on the 12th.  Problem…the Convention Center was empty.  No information or anyone to question.  An opportunity in disguise?  Yep.  The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is located just across the street so we strolled around the grounds of the gardens, visited the gift shop, watched the Koi slowly swimming in the Koi pond and finally decided to visit Lincoln Road. 

An opportunity in disguise?  Hundreds or possibly thousands of strollers were also visiting “the ROAD’ during this Spring Break weekend.   Everyone was calm, checking out the store fronts, fashion outlets, restaurants and each other and just enjoying the perfect Miami Beach weekend weather on this well known and appreciated pedestrian street.   Parched, we decided to sit at an outdoor steakhouse  (yes with our masks on),  and reminisce about the changes that Lincoln Road has survived during the last century.

 OLE.OLE, (551 Lincoln Road), an outdoor eatery/tapelia was promoting Paellas, Burgers, Picadas and Meats by the Pound plus much more as well as yummy beverages.  The  $5.00 large beers called out to me.  The delicious  $8.00 Margaritas called out to RG.     After obidiently  staying home for over a year, wearing double masks when we did occasionally venture out, dealing with the News on every TV station, sanitizing and just hanging in there,  we were delighted to be outdoors and just breathing and sipping happily.

We’re both vaccinated and fine (so far).  We’re looking forward to getting “Normal” again. This year maybe?  We’ve also decided that Ole-Ole needs to serve us some of their “Spanish Cuisine” specials in the near future.  Wash your hands, wear a couple of masks, keep your distance and enjoy the “Opportunities in Disguise”.