In prior articles about this charming city, I described polite people, surprising places and exceptional things. 

We went for medical reasons (dental work), and our experience was positive except for the dental issues.  We enjoyed this art filled country, BUT…I must warn women who wear high heels and men, who appreciate good quality shoes, bring flats and comfy footwear.   

Medellin (pronounced Med-de-Gin by the locals),   walk mostly with their heads down.  Not because they don’t admire their progress in helping morph this city into the 21st century or they are checking their phones.   No, they walk with their heads down because of the unacceptable dangers underfoot.

Rare are the sidewalks that are not freckled with cracks, holes, bumps, humps, dips, rocks, wires, branches, bricks, open gas ironworks, uneven streets, roots, and most of all, lack of continuous maintenance or any maintenance for that matter.   

Between vehicles never stopping for pedestrians and the hundreds of thousands of motorcycles that are racing from one place to another with no respect for street signs, your life (and ankles) are in constant jeopardy.   Otherwise, we delighted in riding the Metro, going up in cable cars, visiting museums and eating in some really good restaurants for a fifth of what we would pay in the States.  Just remember FLAT SHOES and you won’t LOSE or HEELS = KNEELS.       (Poetic license)