We were invited by our friends (Rod and Scott), to stay in their amazing apartment in Medellin, Columbia recently.   

This City of Eternal Spring stands out for its topography, a vibrant valley surrounded by impressive mountains.    

Medellin has not had a formidable reputation in the past.  All of that has fortunately changed. Today it welcomes tourists with open arms, warmth, safeness and an extensive cultural environment. 

Now here’s something that I wasn’t too familiar with until The Miami Herald published an independent supplement by Business Reports on Unique Medias.  Medical Tourism is booming.  Wellness and a series of medical treatments can be outsourced at affordable prices.

The article explains that an increasing number of people from different countries are traveling to various places around the world to get medical help at low costs. Fertility treatments, plastic surgery, oncology, dental improvements, etc., are available in healthy, clean, state of the arts facilities with expert doctors who provide integral services.

I was (Medellin), driven to various dental establishments by my friend Rod and I have to tell you that I was impressed.  I’ll be in need of some dental care soon.  The prices quoted to me here in Miami were equivalent to buying an expensive new car.  My dental costs in Columbia and many other places such as Cancun, Mexico will ultimately cost from 1/3 to 1/2 lower than here in South Florida.

If you’re looking to combine medical help and a little vacation time check out the Internet.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  I was.