Let us examine this title.  The TOAST:  The dictionary, (Yes, I still use one), states multiple definitions for the word toast.

You butter your morning toast, or you toast friendship or you toast the birth of a new born member of the family, or…or…or… you raise your Champagne glass to someone who has gone  beyond the call of duty  to  make journalists, publicists, photographers and anyone in the entertainment industry’s  jobs easier..  This amazing gentleman knew everyone and treated stars and crew with the same dignity that was beyond kind.   He made each and every person who he encountered feel important.   

We met C.C. while we were hosting our week-end 3-hour French- American Radio Show on W-DNA back in the late eighties   Courteous and efficient, C.C., sent us interesting guests to interview and we so appreciated his knowing advice and counsel.  He was there to make sure everyone was noticed... except himself.

This past week, hundreds of the most important movers and shakers in the entertainment business gathered at the Jewish Museum in Miami Beach to toast   a man who was an undisputable gentleman and a master at his craft.

Steve Rothaus (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) penned a well- deserved article about C.C., in The Herald.  Check it out. So many of us remember C.C.  with love and appreciation.  I’m not sure there will be anyone who can surpass this gentleman’s promotional skills, willingness to boast his client’s ambitions  and agenda’s with such selfless, whole hearted, purpose.

C.C. passed at the young age of 94.

Charlie, from M & R Thank you.