Day 1: At the helm of our ship was Captain Michael Sympouras from Greece. 

We left Miami on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon.  As the ship headed towards the horizon we said farewell to our home, pets, taxes, bills and headed towards the southern Caribbean with extensive smiles on our faces. 

Day 2:  Yesterday was the obligatory maritime drill, followed by the familiarization of the ship. Then it’s all about eating, making acquaintances and ultimately settling down for our 2-week vacation. Information pamphlets are distributed in each cabin every evening and passengers start their planning schedules. 

Day 3: After two restful days at sea, we headed towards our first port of call to Rendez- Vous with Basseterre (not to be confused with Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe), on the island of St. Kitts & Nevis. The scenic ‘Rail’, which is one of the recommended excursions, allow visitors to see St. Kitts by land aboard a double-decker railcar.  The railway originally built to transport sugarcane, takes people around the entire island for captivating views of historical sites and lush vegetation. We just wandered around and revisited some of the limited shops and local venders by the pier.

In My Humble Opinion (MHO), we rarely, if ever, find really interesting souvenirs to purchase.  Goods are sold by locals to tourists.  Vendors are sometimes hostile towards travelers who look but don’t buy.  Why buy merchandise that is often overpriced?