Miami’s Upper East Side hosted the, “For The Love Of Dogs” Annual Costume Party recently. 

Now in its 13th year, neighbors (who in my humble opinion have way too much time on their hands), dressed their pooches in a variety of Halloween attire.  True, after 13 years the doggies are probably indulging their two –legged friends, yet again.    I overheard one pooch telling another pooch that it “makes their owners glow with pride to parade them around in frilly skirts and funny hats”.   The other pooch just nodded in agreement and continued sniffing out the competition.

Nineteen doggies vied for honors and prizes.   Chef Michelle Bernstein’s fluffy dog was dressed as a Weiner (Hot Dog), which seemed appropriate.  Other contestants donned capes, flannel-lumberjack shirts and a healthy variety of tutus.   The ‘Royals’ won 1st prize which also seemed appropriate since (again in my humble opinion), the ‘Royals’ are often in the habit of parading around, staring at the curious crowds and occasionally taking a heavy nod.

All in all, kids, neighbors and doggies had a fun time.  Check out the shots.