The 4th Annual Fall Harvest Festival was in full bloom recently.  

The event is a yearly artistic gathering held in collaboration with Arc/Com, Edelman Leather, Momentum Group, Maharam, DesignTex and Knoll Textiles.  All of whom are dedicated to ultra-modern furnishings for the home and the office.

Designers, Architects and Office suppliers join up for an over the top networking party and an artistic competition.  This year’s theme was WHISKEY & Wine and there was plenty of Whiskey and wine available for the guests who represented dozens of Architectural and Design firms in South Florida. Robert Gil was representing MGE Architects, a NELSON company and decorated a glass based on the theme of "Message in a Bottle".

In my humble opinion, any reason is a good reason to throw a great party.  Check out the art works that were presented for the Harvest Festival.