A small post in the local paper invited the public to attend the North Miami: Small Business Outreach event recently.

Miami-Dade County’s Internal Business Department along with Small Business Development Division and the Miami-Dade County Commission of Women joined forces in order to entice mostly women (men were also invited), to a vendor outreach opportunity.   More than 5o attendees were going to be able to meet large prime contractors and learn of subcontracting possibilities.  In essence learn how to deal with county government and potentially get certified as a Small Business Enterprise firm.  I’ve been thinking of starting a new business so I signed up for the free lecture.   The opening presentation was given by Marie P. Woodson followed by Vivian O. Walters, Jr.  Then Ms. Geraldine Lazarre wowed the crowd with her first- hand testimonial about her trials and tribulations and finally her successful integration into ‘the system’. The event took place at the library.

Without going into 2 hours of re-cap, followed up by a meet and greet, I have to admit I found the lecture highly informative and was really glad to have attended. Upon exiting, I did what I always have a tendency to do.  I went snooping and discovered a fascinating treasure…The Library. 

The North Miami Public Library located at 835 NE 132nd St., Miami, was like finding Ali Baba’s treasure trove.  The library’s mission is to serve the community by providing free and open access to information and technology, while fostering independent lifelong learning, personal growth and development, intellectual stimulation, cultural enrichment, and a love of reading.  Open Sesame.

During my visit, all of the library’s computers were being used.  People were consulting tons of free magazines, newspapers, movies, eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, etc.    There were outside free lunches for youngsters under the age of 18.  I guess my astonishment was because since almost everyone has access to phones, computers, TV, radio, podcasts, etc., I mistakenly surmised that libraries had become somewhat obsolete.  Wrong.  Just being there with people who are curious and getting informed is so appealing and enriching.  Check out your libraries.  It’s worth it.  I will have follow-up information because I’m now a member again.