On a perfect Miami- Sunday afternoon, hundreds of   Asian-Japanese arts and culture enthusiasts poured into the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to enjoy the Japanese Spring Festival.

On the artistic menu: Taiko drumming by Fushu Daiko, an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony, various Origami demonstrations, paper making  and calligraphy instruction and several classes of Ikebana Art taught by Mieko Kubota, Ikebana Grand Master. 

Numerous vendors offered Asian snack stations and Bento box lunches. Visitors checked out the gift store and the serene KOI pond as well as the beautiful manicured gardens of this luscious hidden oasis in the heart of South Beach.

I sat in on one of the Ikebana classes to listen to the comforting works of Mme. Kubota.  .She explained that:  “Spring time is when all of the flowers are blooming and it is the time to walk into nature and seek the flowers and stems that are needed to create a sensual floral arrangement.”   She said, “I never practice at home.  I come here and I meet you.  I get a feeling for what I shall create.  My technique is to cut my stems in water so that it will be easy to bend.  Once the flowers are bent they will stay up.  People say you need even numbers in Ikebana.  That is not true.  That is boring. It takes much patience to get it just right.  You need patience.  Remember less is more.”

Words to live by. 

Details: www.mbgarden.org or call 305.673.7256. The Gardens are located at 2000 Convention Center DR., MB, 33139.