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A Hats Collection? Sounded tempting, so I drove to the Brickell City Centre in downtown Miami and gawked.  What I experienced was a superb, sensual and sublime hat collection. It was the debut of "fashion on the rocks," a new monthly fashion and cocktail events.

 In a previous life Suzy Buckley Woodward tickled the keyboard.  One day a light bulb moment switched on and Suzy momentarily put her writing skills on the back burner and started dreaming about hats.  Not just any hat wear. Fun, feathery, flowery toppers. 

Her enticing creations are hypnotic.  They are colorful and well-constructed.  They flatter without overwhelming.  Small and delicate and yet powerful and appealing.  Woodward said, “I love horse racing. I love the hats that women wear during the, let’s say, the Kentucky Derby.  I wanted to start a moderately priced hat brand that women could wear which wouldn’t obscure the vision of people standing behind them from seeing the races.” 

Her creations are made in New Zealand and London.  Kate Middleton seems largely responsible for changing the way we buy and wear hats today.  Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga have also been instrumental in introducing new wearable head accoutrements to the general public.  Now Woodward has thrown her hat in the ring and is ready to adorn us with her beautiful creations.

Tracy Wilson Mourning said, “When you go to Church, you’re there to listen and not necessarily see the pulpit”. However she did agree that it’s nice to be able to look through the feathers and ribbons on church goers heads in order to see the pulpit.  Check out my photos of Woodward’s imaginative hats or visit: www.Shapoh.com

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