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Born in the Philippines and raised in California, Char Tolentino was drawn to fashion at an early age.  

Like many young designers her first creations were lovingly made for her dolls. While in High School she won a scholarship to the Barbizon School of Modeling in San Francisco.  After graduating with honors, she worked for several years as a model and a makeup artist.  However her passion was design and soon she followed her heart and developed a line of exciting apparels. 

Char moved to Thailand in 2010, and later migrated to Belize to start her ‘appointment-only’ boutique in San Pedro where she featured her top notch fashion clothing.

Beautiful fabrics and creative accessories define her dresses, tops, pants, jewelry and of course her intricate swimsuits.  Recently her line (CharLoves) of swimwear was displayed at District 900 in downtown Miami.

Two lovely models slowly moved through the elegant wine and finger-food reception and displayed Char’s latest swimsuits.  Her bathing suits have also been displayed at numerous beauty pageants.  Her swimsuits are produced in Miami where oversees every step of the process.  Check her creations on line at: www.CharLoves.com

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