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The 3800 building in the D & D houses several innovative enterprises including Listone Giordano. 

Although the Italian showroom located on both the ground and second floor is primarily a place for home furnishings, I felt I was discovering an exceptional art space filled with steel, clay, glass and wood.  The products on view most certainly fall into works that an art lover might encounter in a museum or an exclusive art gallery.  All of their wares are hand crafted by artisans in Italy. Besides Listone Giordano, visitors can view and appreciate Nerosicilia and Boffi.  Mostly used by architects, the variety of items exhibited throughout both floors are original and naturally utilitarian, in my humble opinion they also deserve the designation of thoughtful works of art.

Minotti Miami is located at 3801 NE 2nd Ave, in NE Miami, which by coincidence (or careful planning), is also part of this vast creative complex. Minotti is a titan of luxury design.  Recently the firm celebrated their first anniversary in Miami. Minotti CEO, Roberto Minotti and partner Siamak Hakakian hosted a very special evening.  The showroom is filled with a dynamic and innovative furnishings’ from the brand’s creative visionary, Rodolfo Dordoni.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of casually strolling through this legendary NE ‘mile of style’ Design District neighborhood lately, well it’s time to finally do so.