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The Celebrity Cruises excursion sheet makes Colon, Panama look dreamy. 

It’s not dreamy.   Colon is described as colorful.  Yep, if you’re not intimidated by seedy surroundings and thousands of potholes everywhere.   Last time we were there, we felt so very uncomfortable walking through the dungy streets in search of the post office that we were actually relieved to get back to the ship.   This time we were driven through the city in a deluxe bus cooled off by a very reliable AC unit.  It still wasn’t dreamy. 

The government of Panama seems to have put any repairs or improvements towards Colon on the very back burner.  Now, on the other hand, Panama City is 21st Century and in my humble opinion makes Miami look third world.

It’s no wonder that many Americans retire to the City of Panama.  Beautiful infrastructure, modern buildings, free health care, free University studies and retirement starts at 55.  Traffic is horrendous but otherwise it’s a really cool city.  Worth the visit there.

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