Loreen Chant  President/CEO, thanked everyone for attending the 28th Annual Festival of Chefs at NIKKI Beach recently.

 She was quoted as stating, “Taking on Disability Together speaks directly to our cause and our purpose.  It is a galvanizing call to action for us and for our supporters.  Whether we are helping a young family to overcome the challenges of raising a child with a disability, or helping a family struggling to care for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease to avoid the devastation of a nursing home placement, together we are an indispensible resource for more than 1.500 families here in South Florida.”

On hand, dozens of top-notch chefs such as Chef Adrianne Calvo and Chef Dena Mariano spreading and serving their delicious yummies for the attendees.  Also, handing out the best small bites, Chef Peter Vauthy, Chef Rocco Carulli, Chef Jorge Montes, Chef Alain Lemaire, Chef lliana Garcia, Chef Pedro Lopez, Chef Bogdan Niculae, Chef Michael Cerny, Chef Daniel Ganem and Chef Joe Bonavita and many more great chefs.

This annual event showcases the finest dishes prepared by the best chefs.  The evening also hosted wines and spirits, entertainment, fine art, a silent auction and it was all set in a beautiful environment  sparkled by an orange super moon.

For additional information visit easterseals.com/southflorida