The Celebrity Infinity headed towards Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

As the story goes, Cabo was a tiny rustic, remote fishing village that was first sighted by Hernan Cortes’ pilot, Francisco de Ulloa in 1537.  Having no gold or silver and very little agricultural potential it was ignored by the Spanish.  However trade routes were established across the Pacific in the late 16th Century.  For the next 200 years Cabo became an important supply stop laden with silks and spices from the Orient.  Eventually fishermen discovered the area and the massive game fish and whales that teemed in the pristine waters.  You know the rest.

We booked a $64.00 p/p excursion to the artistic town of San Jose.  This small arts community at the edge of Baja California has an impressive, close knit arts/gallery neighborhood that easily (in my humble opinion), competes with better known arts establishments in Mexico City. It is also the home of a very productive and creative Hand-blown Glass factory. I was blown away.