Cigar aficionados remain passionate about their love of tobacco leaves, paired with a formidable whiskey. 

Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar opened earlier this year on Brickell and cigar lovers are in for a real treat.

Prime Cigars’ founders Jason Reznik and Ryan Leeds, decided to open a 4,700 square foot sophisticated place for sophisticated patrons. The upscale bar and lounge features a walk-in humidor, full-bar stocked with exclusive and hard to find whiskeys, member’s lounge, and a private board room.  The bar/lounge also offers a state-of-the-art air control environment with an innovative system that provides 80 tons of constant A/C.  Clients can expect 100% clean air in a luxury space with top-shelf, and fine wines.

Ryan Leeds stated: “Our goal with Prime Cigar, was to create an atmosphere where patrons could slow down.  We wanted an environment where friends and colleagues could spend quality time.  We wanted a place where fathers and sons can create the same type of experiences that my father and I shared.  We are excited to partner Prime Cigar with Montecristo and bring our brand of “Sophisticated Relaxation” to the Miami-Dade public.”

Oh, and the art works in the main lobby are rich. You’ll see. The lounge/bar is located at 1100 South Miami Ave., Miami Fl. 33130

Visit www.primecigar.com/ for details and upcoming events.