The Consulate General of France in Miami invited concerned citizens to hear scientific discussions about the state of our planet’s Coral Reefs, Ocean Biodiversity and Climate Changes at the campus of Miami Dade College recently. 

The legendary French research schooner TARA was docked at the Epic Marina in downtown Miami during the Fourth of July weekend. 

Tara Expeditions is a French non-profit organization, active since 2003 in favor of saving our environment.  It was initiated and sponsored by Agnes B and Etienne Bourgeois.  The TARA vessel was built to endure extreme marine conditions. The vessel  along with a crew of eleven scientists including coral biologists, chemists, oceanographers and plankton specialists  research high-level environmental conditions in hopes of understanding the overall impact of climate changes and the devastating ecological crisis that exists in our oceans. 

As of June 2016 and through September 2018 TARA will collect approximately 40,000 oceanic samples and ultimately provide important biochemical finds that will be analyzed and categorized for research.  The vessel and crew plan to make roughly 70 stopovers around the planet.  Their ultimate goal during the two years at sea is to make the public aware of the fragility of the oceans and how awareness can help save our oceans from the detriments of our modern day environmental unconsciousness and excesses.

During the 2015 Climate Conference in Paris, Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban KI-moon, reminded everyone that, “Our oceans are sick.  We need to make them healthy again.”  Visit: